Susan McFarlane-Alvarez, PhD
Chief Scribe and Bottle-Washer

Susan McFarlane-Alvarez has been writing professionally since 1993. First as a Creative Writer at All Media Projects (AMPLE) an advertising and publicity agency. With three years at AMPLE, she went on to lead this company’s team of writers and has since maintained a professional relationship, continuing to do work for this agency throughout the years.

Susan became Creative Director for Foote, Cone & Belding (Caribbean), operating in a highly competitive market, building greater involvement for the creative team at all levels of the agency’s operations. Here, she led a team of copywriters, producers and designers to win accounts, awards and industry renown.

Since becoming a consultant in 2002, Susan has continued to work alongside the teams of advertising and publicity agencies, but has also worked with direct clients, building a diverse portfolio of experience from work for small businesses to campaigns for Fortune 500 companies.


Our Business

We build on an element of trust, earned through deliverables delivered on time or ahead of schedule.

We understand the importance of words well-written and the value of a flourish well-placed. Give us a brief, no matter how rudimentary, and we give you our word - what we turn-around will be on-target and on-time.


A Scholar and a Scribe

Susan is also Assistant Professor of Corporate Communication at Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia.

Her education includes two degrees from Georgia State University – a Master of Communication Degree and a Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in Communication, while her research has focused on identity and moving images with specific focuses in advertising and postcoloniality.

She's the winner of ten awards for Creative Excellence in Advertising, and an award for Teaching Excellence.